Case Studies

Ilektrologika Thessalias S.A.

Our project focused on negotiations with the bank’s representatives, in order to modify the company’s loan capacity. Negotiations were based on a complete and feasible business plan.

Agrotourism Circuit of Parnassos – Oiti

This project aimed at the coordination of business cluster creation and operation across the Parnassos – Oiti area. Fields of operation: business clusters, network planning and identification of prospect business partnerships, business network plan, visitor attraction plan.

Anorak Hellas Ltd

The main part of this collaboration required us to fully understand the client’s requirements, in order for us to efficiently cover their funding needs through new grant schemes. Areas of operations: prospect investment analysis, funding proposal, exports support, National Strategic Reference Framework (ESPA) schemes, fixed costs and wage subsidy schemes, transport grants.

Anothercircus Creative Agency

Our utmost priority was to propose new funding solutions, aiming at the company’s further development. Becoming aware of the business’s current state and long-term goals, we presented a development plan that integrates the essential funding tools. Areas of cooperation: developmental programs, innovation, research ideas evaluation, and research funding in the fields of information technology, equipment grants, and employment subsidy.

Emma Farm Solutions

Following the need for decision-making in reference to a crucial prospect business partnership, we were called for consultation about business management issues, such as: strategic planning, internal environment analysis, threats identification and evaluation, external environment analysis, competition analysis, competitive negotiating, business action plan.

Kanellis - Sventzouris G.P.

In this partnership, we were required to unify with our partners and to completely integrate our team to their enterprise’s internal environment, prior to undertaking project management duties and coordination responsibilities between the management, commercial department, accounting, and third-party suppliers. Our partnership concerned topics such as business analysis, restructuring, organisational chart, business planning, sales plan, merchandise pricing, financial forecasting, case-scenario analysis, employee bonus schemes.

Upstream S.A.

Our cooperation involved becoming one team with our partners’ internal environment, prior to undertaking project management duties and coordination with the management, as much as the accounting, IT, supply chain and consulting departments.

White Santorini

Investment initiatives bring out the need for working capitals, or, in a simpler manner, the necessity for new funding tools. Areas of collaboration: non-refundable financial support, National Strategic Reference Framework, Developmental Law, hospitality enterprises support, developmental programs.

ICR Ioannou

The main part of this collaboration required us to fully understand the client’s requirements, in order to efficiently cover their funding needs through new grant schemes. Areas of operations: business funding, National Strategic Reference Framework schemes, Developmental Law, equipment grants, developmental programs.

Karellis Ltd

Our main responsibilities were to fully understand the clients’ requirements regarding each individual business unit, and to propose alternative funding solutions through relevant grant schemes. Sectors of cooperation: National Strategic Reference Framework schemes, wage subsidy schemes, non-refundable financial support, software grant.

Papaioannou Livestock Unit

The purpose of this project was to conduct a thorough product pricing strategy for all products, as it concerns a complex business unit involving plant and livestock production, as well as meat trade. Fields of cooperation: costing, business analysis, viability evaluation across various business units, pricing, strategic decision-making for individual business units, financial programming.

Blatsouka, A., & Co. E.E.

An essential piece of information for every business is to be able to evaluate itself and to become aware of its current market position. In this collaboration, we took over topics such as business evaluation, cash flows, discounted cash flow, competition analysis, viability analysis, capital returns.

Pilatos Timber

Our collaboration focuses on product quality certifications, in order for a fully modernised quality management system to be established and to provide value to the company. Topics of interest: quality management systems, ISO 9001:2015 for quality management, application of ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management.

Pavla S.A.

Our main concern throughout our long-term collaboration with Pavla S.A is the delivery of consultancy services in managerial and business planning topics, as well as the provision of timely and accurate notifications about industry-related grants. We provide holistic support to each internal decision that involves finance, such as financial analyses and service pricing, thus actively contributing to the company’s further development.

Lelis Technical Office of Studies

Our main task is to update our partner on funding opportunities and to file applications for grant schemes. Areas of interest: developmental programs, equipment grants, employment subsidy, non-refundable working capital.

Gravia Inn Museum

Our collaboration’s primary goal is to generate a business cluster, on the grounds of the cooperation and synergy between local businesses. Topics of interest: business clusters, business planning, partnership identification, business networking, cluster funding, business network grants, business ideas, business coordination, enabling innovation.

Lamia Lab

Our cooperation’s purpose was to evaluate business ideas and to fund research projects in the field of agronutrition. Analysed topics include state-of-the-art innovation, research project analysis, research stages, research and innovation funding.

Hatzidakis Winery

Our partnership’s main field is to notify our partners on National Strategic Reference Framework grants, funding of investment plans, and receiving non-refundable working capital. Sectors of interest: investment viability research, organic products quality certification, Leader application filing, updates on grant opportunities.