Enterprise grant or support schemes from the National Strategic Reference Framework, the Developmental Law, Research Programs, Working Capitals with interest rate subsidy, among others, require the conduction of an application form – business plan, as well as its evaluation from the relevant department, all of which must be successfully implemented for the grant to be approved.

We will be by your company’s side all throughout the aforementioned stages, in order for you to maximise your profit according to your needs, and to ensure that all actions are implemented in a proper manner, thus ensuring the reception of the grant.

More specifically, we provide the following services:

Monitoring of proclamations, case-law, and other national or European grant-related information, and regular or irregular newsletters to update our partners.

Opportunity identification and research conduction, aiming at the funding of investment and research activities of businesses, in the framework of national or European grant schemes, actions, and initiatives.

Business needs analysis in relation to business and investment planning, grant schemes evaluation and selection.

Guidance, in terms of the implementation of a grant scheme, as well as expenses and budgeting planning, in view of a biggest cost/benefit ratio.

Preparation and submission of the grant application form, meeting each grant scheme’s requirements.

Monitoring and support all throughout the application form’s evaluation procedure.

Technical support considering the preparation and compilation of the material needed for proper documentation, considering the grant's utilisation (development reports, modifications).